Valente Gonzalez


Valente Gonzalez joined Primal Decor in 2011.

From that moment on, he has worked hard to make is dream a reality at our studio. He started out as a shop assistant and with dedication and perseverance, he is now a member of the body art community ready and able to serve Humboldt County.

He loves what he does and appreciates the opportunities to grow and continue his education and journey as a body piercer.

Keeping in line with values Primal Decor holds dear he has recently pursued his APP membership. His application is in and we are so proud to have another APP member here at Primal!

APP stands for ‘Association of Professional Piercers’. To learn more about that organization please visit

He is trained in Blood Borne Pathogens, CPR, and First Aid.

Valente was in attendance of the APP conference for the first time last July, 2016. The conference is full of education, industry connections, and the latest jewelry available on the market.

Keep your eye out! Valente is doing amazing things with his career here at Primal Decor!






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