Valente Gonzalez


Valente Gonzalez began working at Primal Décor in 2013.

From an early age he enjoyed learning about indigenous cultures and how they express themselves through body modification. He had only dreamed of one day working in a shop, thinking that it would never become reality. Valente has always derived purpose through work, and when the opportunity was presented to work for Primal Décor, he put all his focus into obtaining that position.

Through hard work and dedication, Valente worked his way to being a full time piercer. He has taken his learning to new levels attending the Association of Professional Piercers Conference consecutive years, as well as becoming an APP member himself. He is First Aid and CPR certified. All of this was made possible through the training he has received at Primal Décor.

Valente also enjoys spending his days off with his longtime partner Sarah and his Basset Hound, Jessie. He enjoys going on walks through nature, good food, and good drink. He hopes to continue to expand his education in piercing, not only within the piercing room but through conference, seminars, and higher education.

APP stands for ‘Association of Professional Piercers’. To learn more about what the APP does and what being a member means, please visit

Keep your eye out! Valente is doing amazing things with his career here at Primal Decor!




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