Primal Staff

Our front counter is full of friendly faces!

Our staff keeps us rolling along and we couldn’t keep such a spectacular shop without them!

They’re an energetic bunch of amazing professionals with a fiery will to excel in our trade of choice. Be it art, photography, social media wizardry, or just a friendly smile, Primal’s staff bring a wide variety of skills to our shop. They love what they do and are grateful to share that passion with Primal’s clients.

Stephanie: Self-expression has always been part of my journey. As I grow, my love for tattoos and piercings seems to follow and after ditching a job that never mirrored my enthusiasm for body art, I was finally able to express myself and get to work on my perfect vision of new ink and piercings.

Primal Decor was there for every new addition to help guide me through my journey. Every visit to Primal made me feel a sense of familial familiarity. Hustling every day here is a dream come true. Primal is my ‘happy place’.

When she’s not hustling at Primal you can find Stephanie with family on fun adventures around this beautiful place we call home. She not only supported Primal as a client but now supports us from the inside out as the shop mama! With her warm smiles and can-do attitude Stephanie keeps everything running smoothly.







We are currently accepting resumes if you think you are a good fit for our team!