Jennifer McMahon

Shop Owner and Piercer

A little about me.
I am the co-owner of Primal Decor and my work includes taking charge of the daily operations and managing the studio. I am also a body piercer with 17 years of experience. My goal for Primal is to always stay focused on the client’s experience and our community. We are always pushing ourselves to improve around here. My staff know to look out and gear up when I ask: “You know what we should do?”

I have high standards for our shop and I take a lot of pride in how far we have come since our opening in 1995.

I founded Humboldt Roller Derby in 2006. Jason and I were the sole owners and operators for 2 years until I started expanding upon the idea of turning it into a non-profit.
In 2011 I officially donated Humboldt Roller Derby to the community, but I remained the President until I retired in 2014.

Currently I am starting a bath product company with a focus on products that are both fun and luxurious. Its founding was a happy accident; I love baths, I love bath products, and I love making things. And so Tickle Soap was born.
Tickle Soap is 3 years old and the products I create are sold out of the second business created by Jason and I, STIL.

We founded STIL in 1999, however I would say that it is more of Jason’s baby than mine. I run Primal Decor, he runs STIL, and we are able to bring Humboldt County a little bit of subculture fun.

On a more personal note, I would say I love pretty much all things.
I work on my vintage 1978 VW bus and 1967 Bug. I was able to work with Arcata Economic Development and teach a class on Auto Maintenance.
I have spoken at Eureka Rotary about the development of Humboldt Roller Derby.
I am a member of our local International Toast Masters organization.
I have given a TED talk at our local TEDX Event, a video of which can be found at the following link.
I volunteer annually for the Lemonade Day organization, merchandising a large window to promote their event.
I love to tinker. I love wood working, sewing, creating art, welding, thrifting, gardening, hiking, camping, mushroom hunting, kayaking, and just anything new. I would consider learning to be one of my many passions and, therefore, I dabble in a little bit of everything.

I often get asked what it is I enjoy most about my job.
Hands down it has to be the people.
I have been blessed with many experiences that I will carry with me till my end of days.
I look forward to passing down my piercing knowledge to the next generation so that I may make sure Primal Decor continues to be rooted in Humboldt County’s ever evolving culture.

I am trained in CPR and First Aid.
I’ve been a member of the Association of Professional Piercers since 2002.



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