Jennifer McMahon

Shop Owner and Piercer

I became a part of the Primal Family in 1998 where I began my body art journey and have been doing piercings at Primal Decor since about 2000.

Always being allergic to jewelry, I never was able to have earrings. Then, in 1998, Jason pierced my one ear with a hoop. It was implant grade. I was shocked; no reaction! No swollen ear, no redness, no soreness! That’s it, game on!

However, Jason for months refused to pierce the other ear. He thought it was cute I was a pirate.

I have had many piercings over the years. A few for fun and a few for keeps. I work hard to walk my clients though the process of getting a new piece of body art. Often the questions I get the most are “what’s the craziest piercing you have ever done?” and “what’s your favorite body part to pierce?” The truth is for me it is more about the human interaction than the actual piercings. I love working with people and I feed off their energy. If the client is excited, nervous, and fun then the appointment is fun as well. Those meetings are my favorite. Watching someone push through fear, pushing their boundaries, and accepting the pain is a part of the journey. The bravery that takes never gets “old” to me.

The confidence and new art they have after is priceless. I never take their trust or that moment for granted.

Of course there are always piercings that challenge me. Ones that take all of my experience and courage. I would say those give me a different kind of rush, mostly due to the intensity of the process. However my most memorable moments are because of the people themselves more so than the anatomy I pierce.

I feel blessed to be chosen to take this journey with my clients. It fills me to the core with happiness.

As for my technical resumé, I apprenticed for two years before being on my own. I have been piercing for over 17 years.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Piercers.

I am a registered body artist with the Humboldt County health department and am fully trained in sterility and universal precautions.

The Primal Crew renews its blood borne pathogen training annually and contains staff trained in CPR and first aid.

My Work