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.Deposit for Piercing Appointment


Congratulations on booking your new piercing appointment! Here are a couple quick faqs to review about your deposit:

Deposits are required to hold your piercing appointments place in our books and the entire deposit amount goes towards your appointment. Please place one $25 deposit per session that you will be securing.

If you are a minor (below the age of 18) we will require documentation as well as a parent or legal guardian to be present for the entire duration of the appointment. For a full outline of our minor policy including age limits for specific piercings, please review our minor policy below.

Once made, there are no refunds of deposits. There are no exceptions to this rule.

For more information on rescheduling, cancellation, and our refund policy, please see our policies below.

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Since piercing deposits are made to hold the place of an appointment within our books, any cancellations will forfeit your deposit. Rescheduling works a bit differently.

We can happily reschedule your piercing appointment if necessary, but in order to fulfill our policy, we need at least 24 hours notice. If your need to reschedule complies with this policy, then your deposit will be moved to hold the place of your newly rescheduled appointment. If we do not have at least 24 hour notice beforehand or your wish to reschedule your appointment same day, your deposit will be forfeited.

For any further questions or concerns, please call our shop (707) 445-2609. Social media contact is not a form of communication with Primal Decor
To reschedule your piercing appointment, verbal confirmation is required. Please call our shop (707) 445-2609.  Social media contact is not a form of communication with Primal Decor.


Unlike tattoos, California State Laws do not currently prohibit the piercing of minors. However, we do need proper documentation to prove guardianship of a minor to parent or legal guardian for our insurance purposes. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

What you will need:

Minors and parents/legal guardians are required to present a state or federal issued ID. If the last names and addresses on both IDs match, we will not need further documentation. IF THEY DO NOT MATCH we will need an original birth certificate (we DO NOT accept photocopies it must be authentic). Social Security cards, personal photos, security or insurance cards are not valid and will NOT be accepted.

If a birth certificate is required:
For minors above the age of 12: We will require a form of ID that has a photo and a name such as a school ID, passport or yearbook.
Minors below the age of 12 can provide a hard copy of a family photograph of the parent and child together. We understand that minors don’t always have a school ID at this age, so this is one exception we can make for our 12 and under clients.

Legal guardians: We require a hard original copy of legal guardianship papers with your name as well as the minors. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to come in to the shop and we can go over paperwork needed with you before your appointment.

These 3 forms of ID are what we will need in order to proceed with the piercing. No exceptions.


Earlobes: 5+
Outer Cartilage: 14+
Inner Cartilage (tragus, daith, etc): 14+
Nostril: 14+
Septum: 14+
Navel: 15+
Lip (any): 16+
Industrial: 17+

We do not perform the following piercings on minors. No exceptions:
Tongue/tongue web, Nipple, Genital & Surface/dermal.

For any questions or concerns, please call our shop (707) 445-2609.  Social media contact is not a form of communication with Primal Decor.


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