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NeoMetal Threadless 18 Gauge Posts


This listing is for any NeoMetal threadless post of your choice. NeoMetal’s patented “snap-fit” or “press-fit” threadless system is an effective alternative to internally-threaded jewelry. Made of ASTM F-136 implant-grade titanium.

All NeoMetal Threadless Posts have three things to consider:
Gauge (or thickness) of the post needed.
Length (or how long) of the post needed.
Disk Size on the back of your post.
The differences between these will determine which post(s) you need for your piercing(s).

NOTE: Though we have included a millimeter (mm) chart in this listing, due to screen size, mobile devices, etc it is NOT as accurate as an in-person millimeter ruler. Please take this into consideration when choosing your jewelry.

18 Gauge in lengths:  6mm (1/4″), 8mm (5/16″) and 10mm (3/8″) with a small or large disk back.

For Earlobes: Generally 18g with 6mm or 8mm length and large disk for healed piercings.
For Nostrils: Generally 18g with 6mm or 8mm length and small disk for healed piercings.

PLEASE CONSIDER: Unless measured and inserted by a professional piercer, we cannot guarantee the fit of your post.

If you were not pierced with us or we do not have a record of the jewelry we have sold you in the past, determining the exact gauge and/or length post you will need will not be 100% guaranteed. Even with a record to go by, the only way to completely be 100% sure your new jewelry will fit is to have a professional piercer measure and insert your jewelry. Therefore, if you want an exact fit and can make it into the shop, please call us to set up an insertion appointment and we can go over the details with you over the phone.

NON-LOCAL CLIENTS: For your peace of mind, you can always look for an APP Member in your area that carries all threadless jewelry. These piercers are fully equipped with the jewelry and expertise to help you. They can be found at their website under the ‘Find A Member’ tab in the far left of their page. This tool can help you find the closest APP Member in your area.

For more information about how threadless jewelry works, please visit NeoMetal’s website HERE.

Some diameters may be limited based on current inventory. For questions, please call the studio! (707) 445-2609 — We are open Monday-Sunday 11-6 and Tuesday-Saturday 11-7.





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