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IS Threaded Barbells


All your favorite barbells by Industrial Strength.
Internally-threaded and made of ASTM F-136 implant-grade titanium.

Price is for a single threaded barbell including ball ends: $40.00 / Pair: $80.00
To purchase barbell posts and ball ends individually, please feel free to browse ball ends HERE and barbell posts HERE

Barbell and ball ends come in 16 gauge, 14 gauge and 12 gauge.
Barbell lengths available from 4mm-19mm and ball diameters range from 2.5mm-6mm

GAUGE: Determines thickness of barbell and gauge of ball end.
LENGTH: Determines how length of barbell.
DIAMETER: Determines the diameter of the ball ends.

Some gauge and lengths may be limited based on current inventory. For questions, please call the studio!
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