Appointment Preparation

Before You’ve Scheduled:

  • Research and Decision Making: Determine what you want, where you want it, and any specific details (color, style, jewelry) for tattoos or piercings. Refer to the table below for piercings, their minimum age requirements, and approximate healing times:

PiercingAgeApprox. Healing Time
Earlobes7+3-4 Months
Outer Cartilage13+8-12 Months
Eyebrow14+3-4 Months
Nostril14+8-12 Months
Conch/Rook/Tragus/Daith/Fwd Helix14+8-12 Months
Septum14+3-4 Months
Navel15+6-12 Months
Lip16+3-6 Months
Industrial/Snug17+8-16 Months
Tongue18+1-2 Months
Bridge18+6-12 Months
Nipple18+8-16 Months
Dermal/Surface18+8-16 Months
Basic Genital18+1-3 Months
  • Adult Piercing Consultations: Consultations are required for male and female genital piercings and dermal/surface piercings. We need to make sure we have jewelry in stock of sufficient size, and if we don’t, we will special order the proper jewelry (you will need to place a deposit that is 50% of the jewelry cost to proceed).

  • Minor Piercing Consultation: Required for minors under the age of 12. In these appointments, we walk both parent and child through the process of piercing and aftercare. This way all parties feel confident and informed for their future appointment. 

  • Scheduling Appointments: We are appointment only, with the exception of Wednesdays (which are reserved exclusively for walk-in piercing appointments). We will need a $25 deposit for appointments lasting an hour or longer. Please feel free to stop by the shop or call at (707) 445-2609 to make an appointment.

Preparing for Your Appointment:

  • ID Requirements: All piercing and tattoo appointments require a valid state or federally issued ID. This includes driver’s licenses, state IDs, tribal IDs, military IDs, and passports. To be valid the ID cannot be expired and must have a photo and proof of age.

  • Minor Appointments:┬áTo make a minor appointment, the parent of the minor must call or come by the shop to set up the appointment. You will need to bring the following ID requirements every time the minor has an appointment, as we do not keep them on record:
    • An Original or Court-Issued Birth Certificate (We cannot accept photocopies or photos)
    • I.D. for the minor to match their name to the birth certificate. Examples are a school I.D., yearbook photo, tribal I.D., or passport. Their name on their identification must match their birth certificate.
    • I.D. for parent to connect them to the birth certificate.
    • Additionally, If both the minor and parent have State I.D./Driver’s Licenses with matching home addresses, then the Birth Certificate is not required.
  • Eating: We request that you eat within 90 minutes of the appointment, however if it’s been a bit longer than that there’s no need to panic. We’ll only push candy and juice on you if it has been four hours or more. Snacks are recommended for longer appointments, but avoid “liquid courage” as it can thin your blood and potentially complicate the procedure. Hydration with water is encouraged!

  • Pain Medications: If you’re especially worried about pain, feel free to take Ibuprofen or Naproxin Sodium, both of which help with swelling and discomfort. Avoid any medications that would cause blood thinning, such as Advil.

  • Tipping: Any amount is appreciated, and clients are encouraged to tip based on satisfaction and personal financial situation.

  • Personal Hygiene/Clothing: Please come as clean as possible. If you have a beard and want a facial piercing in the vicinity of your hair we request that you do shave (we can’t guarantee symmetry if the beard overlaps with the piercing location). As for clothing:
    • Nipple piercings: Bras are definitely a-okay! In fact, we recommend them because they protect your new piercings from being rubbed and agitated by your shirt. Sports bras and bralettes will be your best option, but be sure to avoid any lace. If you’re not a fan of bras a tank top will work as well.
    • Navel piercings: Yoga or low rise pants will help avoid bumping your new piercing.
    • Genital piercings: Loose and soft clothing is best! Don’t be too worried about blood, as the piercer will offer you a sanitary napkin to wear home. If you are on your period you are still free and safe to get pierced, but do note you should wear a tampon or diva cup. Prince Albert piercings tend to bleed quite a bit so wear loose comfortable pants or shorts that you are not attached to. Shaving is not required but it is helpful as it allows for the piercer to make placement marks without any interference; if you are not a fan of shaving trimming is also an option.

  • Privacy in Appointments: Aside from obvious private appointments, if you would like complete privacy please feel free to communicate that with your artist/piercer. We will not let non-staff members into the room without asking you beforehand regardless of the appointment being private or not.

  • Entertainment for Longer Appointments: Bring entertainment, snacks, water, and comfort items for longer tattoo sessions. Feel free to use electronic devices during the session. If during the tattoo you need to use the bathroom or simply feel like you need a break be sure to let the tattoo artist know; the sooner the better, that way the artist has time to plan a proper stopping point.

  • Jewelry Requirements: We won’t pierce you with jewelry we cannot guarantee the quality of, so unless your jewelry was bought from us you’ll have to pick up something new when you come in. Approved jewelry can be sterilized for a fee if brought in three days before the appointment.

  • Moral Support: Clients are welcome to bring friends or family for support during the appointment. Children are allowed but must be supervised due to potential hazards.

  • Additional Questions: Did we miss anything? If you have any questions we didn’t answer here please be sure to give our shop a call at (707) 445-2609!